Media Studies

media studies coursework


Media Studies is designed to encourage pupils to:

  • enhance their enjoyment and appreciation of the media and its role in their daily lives;
  • develop critical understanding of the media through engagement with media products and concepts and through the creative application of practical skills;
  • explore production processes, technologies and other relevant contexts; and
  • become independent in research skills and their application in their practical work and in developing their own views and interpretations.

The practical element of the course provides the skills and knowledge to evaluate how genre, media conventions and technical and symbolic elements are manipulated to make representations and meaning. Our pupils work in a range of media forms to develop products that demonstrate their technical proficiency and understanding of the codes and conventions used by producers.

AQA Exam Board

AQA Media Studies is a linear A Level.

Curriculum Content

You will study a range of media products and complete two examination papers. You will also need to deliver your own media products.

A-Level Examination

Media One

Media One has sections on Media Language and Representations (Section A) and Media Industries and Audiences (Section B). Section A features questions on the following forms: advertising/marketing, music videos. Section B features questions on any two of radio, newspapers and film.

The questions themselves will focus on the theoretical framework and contexts of the media, but you will be expected to answer by reference to the relevant CSPs. Section A will also feature an unseen media product to be analysed.

It is a written exam lasting 2 hours and is worth 35% of the A-Level.

Media Two

The second exam, Media Two, features questions based on all the in depth studies (Magazines, Video games and Online, social and participatory media, Television).

The questions will focus on the theoretical framework and contexts of the media, but you will be expected to answer by reference to the relevant CSPs. There is also one unseen product on this paper.

It is also a 2 hour paper and is worth 35% of the A-Level.

If you would like information about course content please visit and have a look at the different theories and media texts.

Statement of Intent

Students must complete a Statement of Intent that outlines how you have applied your knowledge and understanding of the theoretical framework to their media product. This must be submitted to AQA with the media product.

This Statement of Intent should be a maximum of 500 (A Level) words long and it should be submitted to the teacher no later than 1 April in the year of assessment. The template for the Statement of Intent will be supplied by AQA in the NEA Student Booklet along with the briefs.

Coursework Examples

Music Video

Avoiding Malpractice

Pupils must be aware of the AQA regulations concerning malpractice. You must not:

  • submit work that is not your own
  • lend work to other students
  • allow other students access to, or use of, your own independently sourced source material (you may lend their books to another student, but they must not plagiarise other students’ research)
  • include work copied directly from books, the internet or other sources without acknowledgement
  • submit work that is word-processed by a third person without acknowledgement
  • include inappropriate, offensive or obscene material.

These actions constitute malpractice and a penalty will be given (for example, disqualification).

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