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Curriculum Leader: Mr Waterworth

Our vision

We believe that through study, learning and teaching, History at Bloomfield Collegiate should:

  • Be relevant – it should develop in our pupils, the knowledge and understanding of the people and the world in which they live through the study of historically significant individuals and events in a local, European and World context.
  • Enable our pupils to develop as individuals, members of society and contributors to the economy.
  • Develop creative and critical thinking skills in our pupils’ approach to solving problems and making decisions.
  • Enable our pupils to become good communicators – orally, verbally and using Digital Technology.
  • Encourage our pupils to challenge stereotypical and biased viewpoints.
  • Stimulate and maintain our pupils’ interests in the past and encourage them to believe they can make a difference in the future.

Key Stage 3 Topics

Year 8: The Medieval World 1000- 1500

  • History Skills
  • Normans in England
  • Normans in Ireland
  • The Balck Death
  • Voyages of Encounter
  • The Slave Trade

Year 9: The Road to Partition 1500- 1900

  • What is Partition?
  • Reformation
  • Hanry VIII and the break from Rome
  • Elizabeth I
  • Plantation
  • Act of Union
  • The Famine
  • Nationalism and Unionism by 1900

Year 10- The 20th Century

  • The Great War
  • The Suffragettes
  • The Nazis and the Holocaust
  • Consequences of Partition
  • The Troubles in Northern Ireland

Independent learning opportunities

KS3 BBC Bitesize
GCSE BBC Bitesize
History Articles

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