Business Studies

pupils studying business studies


Business Studies is selected by a high proportion of pupils for GCSE and A Level courses and we have a strong academic track record.

We provide students with life skills such as knowledge of financial literacy, consumer rights, the role of government in terms of law making and economic regulation, and workforce related skills.

Business Studies encourages initiative and self-reliance in each student and develops a clear understanding of the role of enterprise. Students learn the appropriate enterprise skills and develop a critical understanding of the overall environment in which business functions.

GCSE Business Studies

Business Studies helps pupils understand more about how and why businesses operate in the way that they do and how they benefit the economy and the community. 

In Year 11 we study why entrepreneurs start businesses, how businesses are marketed and how businesses make products. 

In Year 12 we study human resources, how businesses grow and finance.

Business Studies can open up a wide range of opportunities for further learning. As well as developing students’ knowledge and understanding of the world of business, this course helps pupils develop a range of skills such as: 

  • decision-making;
  • interpreting and managing information; and 
  • devising solutions to problems and issues. 


This is a CCEA course. The detailed specification can be found in the CCEA Website.

Unit 1: Starting a Business

  • Creating a Business
  • Marketing
  • Business Operations

Unit 2: Developing a Business

  • Human Resources
  • Business Growth
  • Finance

Unit 3: Planning a Business

  • Business Plan 

Examination Summary

Unit 1 – 40%. External written exam – 1 hour 30 minutes 

Unit 2 – 40%. External written exam -1 hour 30 minutes 

Unit 3 – Controlled Assessment 20% 

Career Pathways

GCSE Business Studies offers an excellent foundation for those wishing to pursue careers in management, marketing, project management, business accounting, management consultancy, human resources, and business journalism as well as those interested in continuing on to further study.

Transferable Skills 

In studying this subject you will develop the ability to problem solve, to think analytically and critically, to communicate to a range of audiences, to maximise your decision making capacity and to work with people.

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