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Year 11 Geography Field Trip

pupils taking a survey

We went on a field trip to Newtownards to study the land use for our GCSE Geography Unit 3 paper. Before leaving we were split into twelve pairs for the pedestrian count and six groups for our vertical zoning survey.

The bus had dropped us off at different intervals of the transect running from the suburbs of the Belfast Road through the town centre and out to the Bangor Road. Our first task was to count the number of pedestrians to walk past in ten minutes.

Our second task was to classify the land use and vertical zoning. During this survey we found that the buildings in the CBD are used mainly for commercial and business purposes and in the suburbs there are mainly residential properties. We were also treated to a coffee in CAFE Nero in Conway Square. At noon, all groups met back at the bus station and we separated again to do our second pedestrian count.

We returned to school in time for lunch. After lunch we collated our data and drew a graph of our pedestrian count. We then discussed what went well and what we could have improved on as this will help us with our evaluation question in the exam. Overall it was a good day and the weather was kind.

Rachel B, Anna P & Molly H (Year 11)


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