KS3 Sustainable Communities

Sentinus Project

Sustainable Cities project was part of the KS3 Sustainable Communities Challenge from Sentinus.  Year 8 pupils were supported by two Geography students from QUB. 

The programme was designed to encourage and embed a range of Key Skills and Capabilities as outlined in the Northern Ireland Key Stage 3 Programme of Study such as: 

  • Managing Information; 
  • Thinking, Problem-Solving and Decision-Making; 
  • Being Creative; 
  • Working with Others; and
  • Self-Management. 

Pupils worked in teams to design a city of the future.  The Future City needed to have sustainability as the core concept.  They came up with fabulous ideas such as the ‘The Flider’ (a mode of aerial transport), reducing road traffic congestion and buildings with rooftop gardens to grow vegetables.  


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