Blast Off with Young Enterprise

Bloomfield pupils in the assembly hall

Year 9 students took part in the Young Enterprise ‘Blast Off’ programme which gave the girls a chance to think about what makes someone an entrepreneur and reflect on their own entrepreneurial skills.

After learning about some famous entrepreneurs and recognisable brands, the students were challenged to develop their own sustainable business ideas; they even watched a video about Rag-Dogs – Bloomfield’s Young Enterprise Company from a few years ago who made it all the way to the UK finals.

The girls had to work in teams to come up with an idea, create a brand, work out their marketing strategy, and deliver a pitch to the rest of the group.

Bloomfield Pupils and Young Enterprise
Bloomfield Pupils

The Winners

The award for best company concept went to Chloe, Eva, Katie, Margot and Rubimbo who wanted to the save the ocean by recycling glass and plastic by turning the materials into jewellery. Their company was called Crystal Clear

Bloomfield Pupils
The Crystal Clear Team

Thanks to Joel White from Young Enterprise for delivering the session.


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