Big Bang Day

Big Bang 2017

On 10th May 2017, the Curran Study Hall was taken over by Bloomfield Collegiate’s very own Big Bang event.  In association with Sentinus, the highlight of the day was the presentation by Scott Marley, a keen astrophysicist from Imperial College London.  He entertained the Year 8, 9 and 10 pupils with the wonders of space using his own exciting methods.  Scott also helped judge the Year 10 Engineering Futures Program where pupils had to present their team solutions to an energy saving project.

Very well done to the “Toaster of the future team” who went on to represent Bloomfield at the Big Bang showcase event at Ulster University. All the teams did a great job and deserve credit for their efforts. Thank you to Donal from NIE for assisting the pupils during their project work, Gerard Hughes from Sentinus for providing the resources for the Big Bang Day and Dr Greer for being there when making the difficult judging decisions.


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