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Trip to the Armagh Planetarium

pupils at the planetarium

The first activity was to build our own rocket. We took a plastic bottle, made a weight bag with stone and tape, and used a cone of paper for the nose. We also put fins on the side to make it more aerodynamic. We funneled rocket fuel (water) into the bottle and then we use compressed air to launch our rocket skyward. We named our creation ‘Jeff the Rocketman’.

Boris the astronomer took us on a journey through the Milky Way with his presentation on the universe. I didn’t realise our galaxy was so enormous and we all got to ask lots of questions.

Then we went to the Dome Digital Theatre for another amazing experience exploring the solar system. Finally, the ‘Armageddon’ roller coaster ride, which was a little scary.

Thank you to the Armagh Planetarium and our Physics Department who organised the wonderful trip.

Katie M (Y9)


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