Great Success for the Dance Teams

The dance teams have achieved very impressive success this year building on the winning ways of previous years.


At the NICMAC (Northern Ireland Creative Movement and Aerobic Championships) on Friday 10 March, the competition was very tough with many excellent performances across the various sections. The teams performed flawlessly making the staff and captains proud. Overall the Bloomfield Collegiate teams achieved 1 first place, 2 second places and 1 third place.

At the Ulster Fitness and Dance Champions in April, which was held at the PEC at Queen’s, there was even more success.  This is a much more difficult competition as the school teams are not only competing against each other but also against other dance companies.  Once again the teams performed outstandingly well, especially considering that a few girls were missing due to injury. The Senior Team and Trio both achieved first places with the Junior Team receiving a second!


This continuing success of dance in Bloomfield Collegiate School is built on the hard work and dedication of the girls and the inspirational leadership of Mrs Waterworth.


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