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Tayto Factory

BCS pupils at the Tayto factory

After the bus journey whizzed us through the country, we arrived at the Tayto Factory and were welcomed by the staff and tour guides. With our hair nets and aprons securely fastened, we were ready for the tour.

The first part of the factory we visited was a huge store full of potatoes. We were told that the room holds 400 crates! Our tour guide then introduced us to the machinery and answered questions about the many things we were intrigued to find out about.

We left the bottom floor of the factory and made our way upstairs to explore how the crisps are actually made and to see what goes on behind the scenes. It was really cool! We watched very closely while the technicians continued to make the crisps.

We had a chance to taste some. The first crisps on the line had no flavour but we got to try the salt and vinegar before they were packaged. They were far better than the ones without the flavouring and it was fascinating to see how the final ingredients were added.

No school trip would be complete without a quiz. We had learnt lots of new and interesting things and we tried our best to answer the questions.

Finally, we went back to the reception where we were given multi-packs by our tour guides. I made sure to grab the smoky bacon crisps.

We really enjoyed our trip to the Tayto Factory and I hope to visit again soon! Thank you to the staff at the Factory and to the Geography Department for organising the amazing trip!

By Ellie N (Year 9)

Mrs Whitford and Mrs Annett

Our Tayto Trip

When we first got there, we were greeted by a lovely lady. She told us a little lot about the factory and it was very interesting.  Then we got to meet Mr. Tayto. He came and we got to take a big group photo together.  Then we got on our aprons and our hair nets and headed into the factory.

I have to say, that the ground floor’s smell wasn’t the best, but you got used to it after a while. We got a guided tour around the factory. First, we saw the potatoes when they were all together in big stacks which could hold up to about 400 tons of potatoes. It was awesome.

We were then taken to where the potatoes were washed to get rid of starch and it was quite wet. After that we walked up a set of stairs and into a small, glass room but before we did anything we had to wash our hands in case of germs and you certainly wouldn’t want germs in your delicious crisps.

We looked through the window in one of the rooms and saw a man picking out the rotten potatoes; his job was to stand there all day just doing that. After that, we went further into the factory and then came the best part. We got to try some of the crisps that hadn’t been flavoured yet. In my opinion they were very tasty.

We then saw how everything was packaged. It was a very interesting process. Then we got to eat MORE crisps. These were from packaged packets this time. When were also given two free packets of crisps. They were so good. We then headed back to reception where we recycled our hair nets and aprons. We queued at the desk and got to pick any family pack or popcorn for free. It was so good and definitely recommended.

Thank you for reading and we hope, when you go, you have as much fun as we did.

Ruby F & Rose H (Year 9)


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