School Trips

Ganaway – 2018


I was obviously nervous.

When we arrived, our leader, Andy, greeted us with a huge smile and then went through the safety procedures. Our first activity was caving and it was brilliant. Thank goodness there were no spiders or rats!  After walking and crawling through the dark tunnels, we were ready for scrumptious pepperoni pizza. I love my food!

We were staying in the loft so chose our bunk beds and unpacked our bags.

Our second activity was wall climbing. It was one of my favourites and I learnt climbing skills and techniques.

Some of my friends went to the park but I felt a little sick. The way my friends, teachers and staff looked after me was amazing and I was able to enjoy another delicious meal of chicken goujons cooked by Ellen, the wonderful dinner lady.

Time for the talent show. There were some amazing acts, such as the Cup Song, dancers and plays. I read a poem about how I think my dad is Dracula. I was stunned by the talent and I was please when me and Rebecca, who performed a Highland dance, won the show for our Form Class.

Before bedtime, we had some free time to go to the vending machine and chat to our friends, but we were all asleep before 10.0opm because it was such a fun day.

Early the next morning and after a full fry, we went zip lining. It was so much fun and I screamed the whole way down to the ground because it was so windy! I was then surprised when I hit the target in archery. My dad should watch out!

Finally, the “Leap of Faith” activity was extremely scary but I’m so happy I did it.

I was no longer nervous. Just exhausted.

I really enjoyed my stay at Ganaway, participating in the dangerous activities and building friendships that will last a long time.

Emily (8R)


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