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Colin Glen River

biology field trip

In Year 13, one of the topics we had to study in Physical Geography was rivers. To help our understanding of river theory, we went on a field trip to Colin Glen River. We chose this destination as it was an urban river which was perfect for our studies.

Before we went to investigate the river we were completely kitted out with wellies and waterproofs.  We then got into the bus to take us to our first station. The aim for this river study was to measure the velocity, cross-sectional area and discharge of the Colin Glen River.

Initially, we used an orange to measure the velocity by timing how long it took to travel ten meters across three sections of the river. However, this method proved slightly unreliable, so we used a flow meter instead, which improved accuracy and lead to more conclusive results. At each station we measured the width and depth, as well as collecting 15 stones, in order to see the effect erosion had on the sediment.

Overall, this was a great day trip which really helped all of us to further our knowledge of the river and gain understanding for our theory for our examination in May.

Eve P Year 13


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