Pastoral Care

Year 8 Pastoral Care

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Year 8

Moving to a new school is daunting. The Year 8 Personal Development programme focuses on a smooth transition and the holistic development of the girls. It considers social, physical, emotional cognitive and spiritual health. The emphasis is on encouraging pupils to develop skills that will enable them to cope with changing circumstances. In addition, pupils are introduced to the concept of employability.

Through a range of activities pupils are encouraged to;

  • make friends;
  • enjoy school;
  • take pride in their work;
  • have a sense of responsibility;
  • be motivated to do well in school;
  • develop self confidence;
  • develop social skills;
  • be able to make informed choices;
  • be happy and content;

‘My favourite thing about Bloomfield is that I have so many amazing, loyal caring and loving friends who will always be there for me.’

Year 8 Pupil

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