Pastoral Care

Senior Pastoral Care

pupil with award

Year 13

In Year 13, Careers guidance and support assumes particular significance, as pupils begin to consider their choices for Higher or Further Education. We also continue to work to educate our students in healthy decision making. Young people are under considerable pressure to make unhealthy choices which can have very serious consequences for them, resulting in physical, mental and emotional harm, as well as failure to reach their full potential. In response, Year 13 pupils are involved in a wide range of activities focusing on, for example, study skills, independent learning, healthy lifestyle, and managing and making decisions. In particular, Year 13 girls receive a presentation from the PSNI on Road Safety.

Year 14

At the commencement of Year 14, pupils embark upon the UCAS application process. They are supported in this by Careers staff and by their Form Teacher and Head of Year. At this time, Careers education and guidance is of paramount importance. In addition, the purpose of the Year 14 personal development programme is to develop the pupils’ knowledge and understanding of the ‘world’ outside of school and prepare them for life after school at University or their chosen alternative. As a result, Year 14 pupils will be involved in talks/activities focusing on personal safety, relationship and sex education, internet safety and personal and mental health (including strategies to help cope with and manage stress). Many organisations will be involved in delivering the programme, such as the PSNI and Action Cancer.


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