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To provide a forum for pupils to contribute ideas and discuss issues, we organise the School Council to meet every half term. Each Form Class elects a School Council Representative for the year.

Senior Prefects play a key role in the work of the Council; they can act as Chair and Secretary to each section of the School Council, organise the meetings, agree the agenda, chair the meetings, take and distribute minutes and keep in touch with the representatives.

At School Council meeting a wide variety of issues are discussed. These can range from healthy eating to the location of lockers. Issues and points raised by the School Council have been important in shaping school policy, for example, the wearing of earrings in the Uniform Policy. Most recently the School Council came up with various ideas to help improve attendance.

By taking a role in the School Council a student is self-evidently getting actively involved in the School Community. The benefits of a School Council brings are wide ranging.

  • teaches skills
  • rewards active involvement
  • promotes a sense of ownership of ‘our school’
  • reduces disaffection
  • improves child protection
  • improves the school

This is citizenship in action.

We look forward to the further development of the work and impact of the School Council so that there is more pupil participation and involvement in decision making in Bloomfield Collegiate School.

Key Debates I am delighted to be 11P’s school council representative. It is my job is raise certain suggestions from my form class in the meeting chaired by Mrs Cummings. These suggestions are given to Mr Greer who can then make a more informed decision about school policies.

Some recent discussions included:

  • Improvements to the bathrooms – new locks and more soap.
  • Creating staggered lunch slots but it was argued that most lunchtime activities would not work if a change was implemented.
  • Installing brown bins in the HE rooms.
  • Allowing honours blazers.
  • Establishing a LGBT club.
  • Also, that the moving of the school bus to the Glider stop is too busy but this is only a temporary measure.
  • Some pupils suggested wearing PE kit into school if you have PE.
  • Having a “Color Run”
  • Starting a girl’s rugby team.
  • Allowing the use of mobile phones at break and lunc
  • A tuck shop at break and lunch and Mrs Cummings said that we could invite Janice, the dinner lady, to one of our meetings.
  • Fundraising ideas.

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