Pastoral Care


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Our Mentoring System

We work hard to ensure that, at whatever age your daughter joins the school, she does not feel overwhelmed or lost. The Inspectorate reported that our “senior pupils are excellent role models, contributing effectively by supporting younger pupils very well through academic and pastoral mentoring”.

Each year, Year 14 girls are invited to train as Mentors and join the Pastoral Team. They are assigned to junior classes, getting to know them and offering useful guidance from their own school experiences. A school day can be fast-paced, especially for girls in Year 8, but our nurturing and supportive mentoring system is capable of dealing with many challenges, including if your daughter needs help to find her misplaced sports kit or calculator!

I have always received invaluable support from the school, especially during my sickness and my parent’s ill-health. This period in my life would have been a lot harder without the support of the school community. It made all the difference knowing that I had someone there for me when I needed it. Now, as a mentor and prefect, I feel privileged to continue this warm tradition of the school’s pastoral system.

Year 14 Pupil

Other subject-specific mentoring schemes are also in place to help with the academic progress of the younger pupils. As these mentors have recent understanding in dealing with the challenges of a particular subject, they can relate to the problems and barriers younger girls may face, providing them with a real insight into how to cope with those difficulties.

It feels good to feel cared about and know that someone is there to help.

Year 9 Pupil

The mentors also find it a highly satisfying and enjoyable experience that develops their confidence and communication skills. The inspectorate noted that our girls “value greatly belonging to a caring community, enjoying very good relationships with one another and their teachers”.

Positions of Responsibility

Other examples of leadership positions include Form Captain, Team Captain, Prefect, House Captain and Drama Club Mentors. These roles develop pupils’ teamwork skills and self-confidence, and offer opportunities to give back to the school community.

Extra-curricular Events

Our staff organise various extra-curricular activities that help forge positive relationships beyond the classroom. The girls are confident that we are accessible and will make every determined effort to help resolve their personal problems and concerns.


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