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Year 11

The Year 11 Personal Development programme is linked to that devised for Year 12; a wide range of topics is covered ensuring that valuable Careers education is provided and the requirements of the Northern Ireland curriculum in relation to Key Stage 4 Personal Development are met.

The programme includes the following topics:

  • Anxiety and coping mechanisms
  • Looking after our emotional health
  • Building confidence – through engagement with the ‘Dove’ – Confident Me programme
  • Self-esteem
  • How do we effectively learn/study?
  • Moral values
  • We undertake evaluation of our academic progress after tracking assessments
  • Social responsibility – what issues surround us and how can we help?
  • How we avoid anti-social behaviour
  • The impact of globalisation and the world of work students will be entering
  • ‘Love for Life’ – sexual health; making good choices


Head of Year 11 continuously analyses tracking data, and attitudinal data, in order to intervene by mentoring pupils who are not fulfilling potential. Weekly meetings might be used to support their development.


Our Careers guidance includes thinking ahead to post-16 study and presentations from careers experts, such as the NI Careers Service, Belfast Met, local entrepreneurs, and companies who can talk about possible career pathways.

It is also important to note that Year 11 pupils undertake one-day work experience.


Organisations we engage with:

  • Aware NI – mental health
  • Chest, Heart, and Stroke – fundraising
  • StoreHouse – food and toiletries collection
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A major focus of the Year 12 Personal Development Programme is on Careers Education. Through contact with our Careers staff in school, as well as external personnel, we encourage pupils to investigate their career options, make plans for achieving their goals and support the creation of a CV document before they graduate from Key Stage 4. Each pupil receives an individual interview delivered by a Careers Advisor from the Careers Service of Northern Ireland.

With the pressures of GCSE examinations and on-going Controlled Assessment tasks in mind, we also provide more information on learning styles, study skills and stress management. In addition, we encourage the pupils to broaden their perspectives beyond Year 12 deadlines by focusing on coping with disability and by supporting a local food bank charity in the Autumn Term.

With pupil safety and well-being at the top of our list of priorities, we also cover material on road safety (provided through the DoE’s “Crashed Futures” programme) and relationships and sexuality (provided by “Love for Life”).

Mindout Mental Health

In Year 12, a module following the Mindout Mental Health Programme is delivered through timetabled Learning for Life and Work lessons. This programme aims to encourage healthy self-esteem and resilience, and to provide information on sources of support. If you have any concerns about this programme, or if you would like more information, please contact the school.


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