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The Demon Headmaster

Beth Glass moves in with April and Katherine Hunter and at first does not like them. Soon she discovers that at her new school, the Headmaster is very strange and she finds herself saying things like, “I think the Headmaster is a marvellous man and this is the best school I’ve ever been to”. With the help of her new friends, SPLAT, the children at the school who are immune to the Demon Headmaster’s hypnotic powers, she plans to stop the Headmaster’s plot to hypnotise the country through the Eddie Hair Show.

I enjoyed playing April Hunter in our film ‘The Demon Headmaster’ very much! In the auditions, we were given a situation and then develop our own scenes. It was really fun because you could shape your plays into anything! Then we had to perform again in front of the mentors and Mr McManus just to make sure everyone fitted their part perfectly.

After the casting process, a filming schedule was pinned up on the notice board and the excitement grew. Before we knew it, we were off to Miss Kinsela’s house to start shooting!

Filming took a lot of patience and time, but I enjoyed every second of it. It was great getting to know people better and even meeting girls that I never knew before. It was easy to get along with everyone. We would see each other nearly every day during filming so now when we see each other in school we always smile and say hello. We filmed after school and sometimes when we were meant to be in class; which was great! We were given books to learn our lines out of a week before but as time went along we were given sheets of paper with some new lines written onto it. It was so funny during filming because we had bloopers from everyone, including me!

When we finished filming, the junior drama club held a wrap party. We had to wait three weeks before we could watch the final result. The premiere was brilliant. Dr Greer had organised the hall and provided cakes, drinks, crisps and, of course, popcorn! I thought Eve Coleman was brilliant as the evil headmaster and Alice Tate was hilarious as Eddie Hair. Bethany Chamberlain and Katherine Ingram were fantastic to work with and I hope to work with all my new friends in the next exciting project!


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