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Once Upon A Crime

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The Junior Drama Club is a fantastic opportunity for girls in Year 8 to 10 to get together in a relaxed environment, share stories and act on stage. It is great that pupils from different year groups can make new friends and gain confidence performing in front of their peers. The aim of the Club is to stimulate a love of drama that will last a lifetime.

Every week there is a different theme. After warm up exercises, the girls then work in groups and develop ideas to create tear-inducing tragedies and comedies, to the more melodramatic and poignant stories. However, animal splat has been a particular favourite this year.

The main production was the alternative fairy tale “Once Upon A Crime”. The film told the story of how the Three Little Pigs conspired to build their three houses by obtaining false approval from the Grand Old Duke of York’s office. It was up to the number One Detective Agency in all of Fairy Tale Land to solve the crime. Lexi McKechnie and Bethany Chamberlain played the heroines trying to capture the villainous Pigs, expertly performed by Oliva Mitchell, Lauren Bell and Laura Boyd. Eve Coleman was hilarious as the Grand Old Duke of York and Sophie McClelland delivered scene-stealing performances as a singing Prince Charming. Betsy Bailie’s Mummy Bear and Rebecca Dawson’s Baby Bear were incredibly cute and their performances were heart-warming. The movie was shown during the Bloomfield Talent Show on the last day of the school year to rapturous applause. I would like to thank the girls for all their enthusiasm and hard work.

K McManus


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