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Music Club

Music Club

Junior Choir

I really enjoyed junior choir this year. In the Spring Concert we sang such good songs such as ‘What is this feeling?’ from the hit Broadway production of Wicked. We also joined the senior choir in singing ‘Do you hear the people sing?’ from the hit musical Les Miserables. We sang ‘A million dreams’ from the new musical ‘The Greatest Showman.’ In the Christmas carol service we sang the beautiful songs ‘Away in a Manger’ and ‘Tonight.’

Hazel A (Year 9)

Orchestra & Wind Band

In the Spring Concert wind band performed ‘You can’t stop the beat’ by Mark Shaiman from the movie Hairspray and ‘City of stars’ by Justin Horwitz from the movie La La Land which features Ryan Gosling, one of Mrs Mark’s favourites. Our rehearsals took place on a Friday lunchtime; what a way to end the week with some out of tune banter.

It took a long time but we finally reached Fantine. The Orchestra performed a medley of songs from Les Miserables alongside the junior and senior choirs. A favourite was definitely ‘Master of the House’ after we managed to get the strings in tune. This performance was the climax of the concert conducted by our very own Cosette, Mrs. Mark.

Hannah Harvey (Year 13)

Senior Choir

In senior choir we performed three songs at the Christmas carol service and three at the Spring Concert. At the carol service, we performed ‘O Holy Night’, ‘Personenet Hodie’ and ‘Total Praise’. We found ‘Personent Hodie’ the hardest out of all the pieces due to the amount of lyrics. Obviously we sang ‘O Holy Night’, because what’s a carol service without it?

For the Spring Concert, we had to sing in Norwegian for ‘Vuelie’. This was a piece from ‘Frozen’ in which we found the pronunciation of the lyrics extremely difficult. The senior choir had the (not so much) pleasure of opening the Spring Concert with our ‘Queen Medley.’ Mrs. Mark pulled a Mrs. Newman by making us clap during ‘Radio Gaga’; we thought we had left this behind in the junior choir. The end of the Spring Concert consisted of our ‘Les Miserables Medley’ joining with the orchestra and junior choir for ‘Do you hear the people sing’. In the end we all loved the concert and there were tears, both happy and glad it was over.

Lauren J (Year 13)

Chamber Choir

In the Spring Concert, chamber choir performed ‘Summertime’ from Porgy and Bess and ‘Alexander Hamilton’ from Hamilton the musical. The two songs where completely different in style and throughout rehearsals, it was very clear from everyone which was the favourite. Hamilton definitely was top in everyone’s books. The rehearsal took place after school on a Thursday and after grumbling for twenty minutes through ‘Summertime’, the mood was instantly lifted by the upbeat rap of ‘Alexander Hamilton’ which most of us already knew. The night of the concert went swimmingly, as chamber choir managed to sing ‘Summertime’ completely (and correctly) for the first time which came as a surprise to everyone. Regardless of our mild dislike for ‘Summertime’, after the full performances we were all proud and the song will always have a place in our hearts for better or for worse.

Rebecca D (Year 13)

Folk Group

In folk group we played some traditional Irish pieces including ‘I see fire’ by Ed Sheeran. It featured in ‘The Hobbit; Desolation of Smaug.’ The guitars found it extremely hard to play due to the complex nature of the chords. We ended up making it through the song with minimal mistakes and in tune for once. Overall, folk group was amazing to be part of.

Lauren Jervis (Year 13)


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