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Kids in Control

Kids in Control

In year 11, pupils have the opportunity to be part of Kids In Control (also known as KIC Drama). KIC is a drama class for teenagers and young adults with disabilities in which Bloomfield pupils are given the chance to help this small class put on a show in March every year. We had four in-school sessions with the leader of KIC, Dave.

This year there were nine Year 11 girls, including myself, who chose to participate. We work with four members of KIC as well as four leaders. We’ve been working on the show since October and we all love going to the Lyric Theatre every Wednesday night to add more to, or go over the previous week’s tricky moves. We act, dance, have too much fun and have even included some difficult lifts in this year’s show. Everyone gets along and we all talk to each other outside of KIC. It’s so much fun since we’re all good friends.

At the start it was so exciting. We got to meet new people, get to know them and even share a laugh or two. As the weeks have progressed, I’ve grown to love it even more. If you have the chance to participate in KIC you should take it. You’ll love it just as much as we do, maybe even more but I don’t even think that’s possible.

Katie McG, Year 11

Kids in Control

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