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Julie Caesar

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After the successful production of “The Demon Headmaster”, the members of the Junior Drama Club were eager for another opportunity to shine. Our modern interpretation of Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” changed the title to “Julie Caesar” and moved the setting from ancient Rome to our modern school. Caesar, the captain of the netball team, is betrayed by her best friend Brooke and her team mate Cassie. The conspirators are worried about Caesar’s ambitions.

Filming was a really fun experience because everyone got to know each other so much better and, although there was a lot of laughter and tears, there was some serious acting and brilliant performances – by us especially! The production meant that we had to stay after school and shoot during lunch hours. This dedication made the finished product more professional and realistic – something we can look back on and be very proud of.

When “Julie Caesar” premiered, we were all very excited and anxious to see the product of many hours of hard work by the actresses and, of course, Mr McManus. We all gathered in the assembly hall for a red-carpet evening on Wednesday, 18th June. We can honestly say that we were delighted with the film. There was just the right amount of darkness and humour. The acting, music and editing were truly fantastic and done to such a high standard.

Unfortunately, this is our last production with the Junior Drama Club so the premiere was sad in a way for us too. However, we have so many great memories that we can laugh at and cherish.

Katherine Ingram (Y11) and Stephanie Hinds (Y11)


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