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Santander 2018

Santander Group Photograph

A group of sixteen pupils and three teachers headed off to Santander in the north of Spain. It was great fun as, despite studying Spanish for A-Level, I had never been to Spain before and was itching to experience the culture.

On stepping off the plane, I was instantly exited by the sunny, hot weather and people speaking Spanish all around me. The architecture of the buildings was fascinating. I found the Santander bank buildings especially pretty and the Centro Botin museum offered fantastic views of the city as well as over the sea.

During the trip, we could never say we were bored, as we were able to participate in a range of activities. In the mornings we had Spanish lessons in a local language school and after class we took part in salsa dance lessons, a tapas making workshop, we sampled chocolate con churros, had a boat ride, did some sightseeing of historic monuments such as “Los Raqueros,” had a compulsory trip to a local shopping centre and plenty more.

The teachers at the Spanish school we went to were really helpful and taught me new vocabulary and grammar tips. It was very useful to hear a native accent and I feel my own accent has greatly improved since this trip. My favourite activity we did with our teacher was when we went to the local market and tried to order food in Spanish.

Most of our meals consisted of traditional Spanish food which I had never tried before, such as paella and tortilla española and were eaten in the hotel. I am a “food lover”, so I enjoyed every single meal.

There is no doubt that a school trip is lots of fun; however, it is also super educational and a great way to make new friends. İHasta la próxima!

Ewa G (Year 13)


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