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Safeguarding – General Advice

In accordance with the aims of our school and to fulfil our statutory obligation under The Children Order (Northern Ireland) 1995, we have a Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy.

The essential principle which underpins the Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy is that the welfare of the child must be the paramount consideration at all times.

Visitors to Bloomfield Collegiate School must:

  • Clarify the purpose of, and the practical arrangements for, the visit with the link member of staff;
  • Register at Reception at the beginning of each visit to collect a badge/pass;
  • Limit access to the designated area and be accompanied by the appropriate member of staff;
  • Return badge/pass and guidelines to Reception and sign out before leaving.

Throughout your visit, a teacher should be in your room, close by or easy to contact. Avoid speaking with a pupil on your own, unless for specific and validated reasons. If such meetings are necessary, take the following precautions:

  • The interview must take place on school premises and during school time;
  • Interviews must be conducted in a room with visual access, the interviewer and pupil remaining in clear sight, and /or the door should be left ajar. (N.B for music tuition, it may not be possible to leave the door ajar);
  • The interview must be held in an area likely to be frequented by other people;
  • Ensure that another adult such as HoD knows that the interview is taking place and its location.
  • Do not use ‘Engaged’ or ‘Do not Disturb’ signs
  • If possible, a table should be kept between the interviewer and the pupil;
  • If speaking to a small number of pupils after a meeting or lecture, always ensure that a teacher is close by.

Heads of Department will disseminate departmental child protection policies and good practice information for their subject area as appropriate. Individuals must take personal responsibility in following the child protection policies of the department and of the school.

If a pupil becomes distressed during an interview, physical comfort should not be the first response; rather, comforting words should be used. Pupils should not be touched in ways or in circumstances that might be considered in-appropriate.

If you have any concerns about bullying, please inform your link teacher.

Please consult with your link teacher before using teaching materials of a sensitive nature. The link teacher will follow school procedures.

Visitors should not offer a lift in their car to any pupil or pupils. If there is a transport difficulty, the supervising teacher should take charge to resolve the problem.

Contractors are asked to respect our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy, limit access to designated areas, and avoid conversations with pupils.

It is not possible to account for every situation which may arise. Therefore, you should always operate within the legislation and with the welfare of the child as the paramount consideration.

If you have a concern about a child, please contact the DT or a DDT without delay. The Deputy Designated Teachers for Child Protection (DDT) are Mr G Greer, Mrs J Waterworth, Mrs S Barrett, Mrs E Mc Ferran, Mrs E Stevenson, Miss R Murray and Mr C Turner.

The full Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy is available on the BCS website: ( or on request from Reception.


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