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The School Policies are updated following a Policy Review Schedule.  You will find links to a selection of Policies below; others are available, on request, from the School Office.

Pupil Welfare

Bloomfield Collegiate School is committed to ensuring that all learning activities provide a safe and enjoyable experience for our pupils. Safeguarding is a priority and all staff, including volunteers, have a full and active part to play in promoting all pupils’ social, physical, emotional and moral development.

School years are key to developing social and emotional skills, knowledge and behaviour. We believe that individual pupils should be supported in achieving positive academic outcomes through the provision of pro-active, engaged, responsive and enabling pastoral care.

Download Pastoral Care Policy

This Policy promotes a positive approach to discipline within Bloomfield Collegiate School and outlines a framework within which self-discipline and sound relationships may flourish.

Download our School Citizenship and Behaviour Policy

New technologies have become integral part of today’s society. The E-Safety Policy represents our approach to ensuring that online safety is embedded in the use by pupils and staff of devices that can access the Internet.

Bloomfield Collegiate School strives to promote the health and safety of its pupils as well as their academic, social and personal well-being, as part of the preventative curriculum, attention will be paid to drugs education and related procedures.

Read our Drugs and Substance Misuse Policy for more information.

The purpose of this policy is to establish a clear mechanism for all children to maximise their potential in accessing all areas of the Northern Ireland Curriculum.

Download our Special Educational Needs Policy

Download our Uniform Policy or visit our dedicated Uniform page for more information.

Download our Bereavement Policy

The Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) Policy reflects the School aims of fostering individual pupil growth by promoting self-discipline, responsibility and self-respect, as well as encouraging sensitivity, respect and tolerance of the moral and religious views of others.

Read our Relationships and Sexuality Education Policy.

We want to sustain a positive and constructive approach to relationships so pupils will continue to feel safe and secure in school. This policy outlines that framework.

Positive Relationships/Anti-Bullying Policy

Curriculum Policies

Our curriculum reflects the diversity of the departments and subjects that make up our School community but is also designed to develop each and every pupil to their full potential in order that they are ready for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of the modern world.

Our curriculum is designed to promote our ethos of “excellence in a caring community”. We want to meet the needs of every student whilst offering opportunity to experience, enjoy and succeed in a wide range of subjects.

Download Curriculum Policy

We are an ambitious school which strives for the highest standards of teaching. Homework can help reinforce learning by providing opportunities to develop study skills and independent thinking.

Download our Homework Policy

A central aim of teaching and learning is to develop our ability to use language so we can think, explore and communicate meaning more effectively. Improved literacy is empowering, enabling us to learn independently and across all subjects.

Download our Literacy Policy

We use mathematics in every aspect of our lives and good numeracy skills are essential for all subjects. Decisions in life are so often based on numerical information: to make the best choices, we need to be numerate.

Download our Numeracy Policy

General Issues

The Board of Governors have also adopted a number of policies and procedures in order to support the day-to-day running of the school. Raising standards and school improvement is always our focus.

The School is committed to the principles of accountability and the general right of access to information, subject to legal exemptions. This policy outlines our response to the Freedom of Information Act and a framework for managing requests.

Download our Data Protection Policy.

Learning through Fairtrade opens up a fascinating world, revealing how we are all connected. Download our Fairtrade Statement.

Communication between parents and school is a vital component in the education provided to the pupils, so we make every effort to answer queries from parents and address concerns raised. If you have any further issues, it might be useful to refer to our Complaints Procedures document.

You can also refer to the Education Authority’s Complaints Procedures.

Department of Education Policies / Circulars

In periods of bad weather, it is necessary to take extra precautions to ensure that the safety of pupils is not compromised. This leaflet reflects “good practice” which should, if followed, ensure children’s safety.

Transport Advice Leaflet

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