Friends of Bloomfield

Curran building


The Friends of Bloomfield Association is open to everyone in our school community, including current and former pupils, parents and carers.

Our aim is to support the pupils, parents and school in any way we can. In previous years, we have organised Christmas Fairs, Raffles, Car Boot Sales, Quizzes and many more lively events. All the proceeds are invested in the learning experience of our pupils.

To date, we have upgraded 75+ computers in the Learning Centre, supported departments with additional funding for equipment, and hosted the “Building Up: Healthy Happy Teens” programme, which is great platform for discussing concerns about raising teenagers in today’s ever-changing society and obtaining advice and support.

Every year, we buy Year 8 pupils the novel ‘Wonder’ as a welcome gift. We have also supplied each pupil in Year 9 and Year 10 with a mindfulness journal they can use each week in their English class.

The welfare of the pupils Bloomfield is at the centre of everything we do and, to help meet this aim, we raised money to purchase the latest safeguarding software, CPOMS, which has enabled the school to streamline the delivery of pastoral care.

We continue to look to the future and are always excited to have new members. If you wish to join us, please contact Jennie Wharry at

Warm regards

The Friends of Bloomfield


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