Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme

Duke of Edinburgh


All Year 11 pupils in Bloomfield are given the opportunity to complete the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. Pupils sign up for the Award in September of Year 11 and should have completed the Award by June in Year 11.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme is a challenging programme of activities, which will help the individual to learn new skills, assist others, experience adventure and offer great sense of achievement. Many organisations, including employers and universities, take an excellent view of the Award and what it says about the person who has achieved it.

The award is a challenge!  It is physically demanding and requires a high level of commitment.

A number of training sessions are run after school throughout the year, and there are two expeditions (one practice and one assessed).  The training sessions and expeditions form one important element of the four areas of the scheme:

  • Skill
  • Volunteering
  • Physical
  • Expedition

SKILL: over a period of 3-6 months, participants must learn a new skill such as playing an instrument or writing calligraphy.

VOLUNTEERING: this can include helping with charity organisations, taking Sunday school classes or helping with Guides or Brownies etc, for a period of 3-6 months.

PHYSICAL: pupils are expected to take part in some form of physical recreation such as playing in a hockey team, horse riding, or attending a gym for a period of 3-6 months.

Each of the Skill, Volunteering and Physical Recreation elements must undertaken for a minimum of three months with one of them being undertaken for a period of six months.

EXPEDITION: the expeditions take place in the Bangor area and the Mournes during the Summer term. Participants are expected to carry a 65 litre rucksack with sufficient camping equipment for 2 days. Therefore, it is essential that participants reach an adequate level of fitness to do this before the expedition.

The Physical element of the Award is designed to improve fitness. The Practice Expedition provides an opportunity for participants to gain an understanding of what to expect in the assessed expedition.  However, participants are also advised to go for long walks with a small backpack to build up fitness, get comfortable with carrying a weight on their back and avoid blisters!


The Award is designed to provide opportunities for young people to work as a team, using a map and route card to follow a planned route.  Pupils walk in groups (minimum of four) and are checked on at intervals by a teacher during the expedition.  Teachers  camp overnight with pupils at the campsites.

For more information on the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme, click the following link:



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