Bloomfield Buddies

Following many months of hard work, the Bloomfield Buddies were successful in gaining a place in the London final of the British Red Cross, Justice and Fairness competition.

The competition took place on the 5th October and was held in the offices of the law firm Allen & Overy.  The lead up to the competition proved to be very busy with lots of evidence gathering and rehearsing for our presentation on Asylum Seekers. When the day of the competition arrived, a healthy mix of nerves and adrenaline was felt by all, especially when faced with the judging panel and 100-strong audience. Our presentation went very well and was commended by the judges and applauded by the audience. We didn’t win but we were proud to make it as far as we did. We learnt many new skills throughout our competition journey and all agree that it was a brilliant experience and one that we will never forget. Another highlight of our visit to the capital was our trip to the musical “Billy Elliot” and visit to the Jack Wills store in Covent Garden both of which were very enjoyable.

(Victoria McI and Aimee F)


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