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The Post-Results Service

For each examination series, the awarding bodies are obligated to offer a post-results service. Pupils are able to request clerical re-checks of their papers, reviews of marking, reviews of moderation and access to their scripts. The boards charge for most of these services.

If you feel there has been an error in the way your examination papers have been processed, you can enquire about your result. It should also be noted that examination marks may go down as well as up.

Review of Marks

Most students want the examination board to review the marking to ensure their paper was marked accurately in line with the mark scheme. This service is called a review of marks.

When carrying out review, a different examiner will check for administrative errors and then consider the marks the original examiner awarded to make sure that they accurately applied the mark scheme. If there has been an unreasonable exercise of academic judgement or a clerical error, the reviewer will make an adjustment to the the raw marks. Remember, marks and subject grades could go down as well as up.

The examination boards also offer a priority review of marking service for students whose university place is at risk. The closing date for this service is usually the last working day in August.

Clerical Re-check

You can request the examination board to re-check that all marks have been included and added up correctly. They will also make sure special consideration has been applied (where appropriate) and that the grade boundaries have been applied accurately. This service is called a clerical re-check.

Review of Moderation

Your course may have included an internally assessed component which was then externally moderated. If the moderator adjusted the centre marks during this process, the school can request a review of the original moderation by a senior moderator to ensure the judgement was fair, reliable and consistent.

If the judgement was found to be inaccurate and did not met the appropriate standards, your uniform mark scores (UMS) can go up or down, but your published grade will not be lowered for that exam session.

Importantly, this service cannot be requested if the original moderator agreed the centre marks during moderation.

How to Request a Review

The examination boards will only accept a review of result request when it is submitted by the school. If you would like a review of your examination papers, please complete the request form and return it to the Finance Office. The appropriate fee will be allocated to your Parent Pay account or you can opt to pay the school through an Electronic Funds Transfer.

The school’s re-mark forms are available from reception or by clicking the following link:

Enquiry about Results Application Form

There are detailed instructions and a list of fees on the reverse of the form, but please contact the school if you are not sure about a particular aspect of the document.

The procedure is outlined in the following diagram:

Enquiry about Results Procedures

Please be aware that the examination boards have to process thousands of applications across a huge range of subject areas. Therefore, your enquiry may take several weeks, especially if you request an original script to be returned.

Access to Scripts

This service gives you the opportunity to see where your picked up or lost marks in a paper. Accessing your script can help your prepare for a re-sit and give your teacher a deeper understanding about your exam performance.

However, each examination board has their own procedures to access your original script or photocopies of your paper.

If your assessment was delivered by CCEA, you can request a photocopy of your paper when you apply for a review of marking. There is an additional cost for this service.

Check with your teacher about how to access your AQA, WJEC and Pearson scripts.

Candidate Consent

The application form contains a section for candidate consent. The school must obtain this consent for clerical re-checks and reviews of marking because your marks and subject grades may be lowered. Failure to do so is considered centre malpractice.

What Happens Next

The examination boards suggest it can take up to 20 calendar days for a review of marking or up to 15 calendar days for a priority review of marking. Once they have completed their clerical check and/or review of the paper, we will forward their response immediately to your email account.


After the review of marking is completed, the Principal can submit a further appeal on your behalf if we believe there is still an error.

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