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Re-sits are an integral part of the examination process and provide a great opportunity for you to improve your final grade. This is particularly important if you faced challenging circumstances when you first sat the exam, including an illness or family bereavement which affected your physical and emotional wellbeing.

All AS and A level qualifications and most GCSEs will only be available in the summer series. However, you can re-sit GCSE English Language and Mathematics in the November series. GCSE Single Award Science and GCSE Double Award Science re-sits are available in November and February. You can re-sit BTEC Sport in January.

Applying for a Re-sit

If you intend to repeat any components, the appropriate GCSE or A Level application form should be returned as soon as possible to the finance office. The appropriate fee will be added to your Parent Pay account.

To re-sit an examination, please download the appropriate form:

GCSE Re-sit Form

A Level Re-sit Form

These files should open properly in Microsoft Word where you can add the information electronically. Alternatively, you can print out the document. Make sure you add the subject, unit number and the name of the teacher to ensure you are being entered for the correct component.


There are six examination series in total in Bloomfield and there are extensions available for a couple of subjects, so please check with your teacher when applications for re-sits should be submitted.

Any application submitted after the deadlines set by the examination boards will incur a late fee.

General Deadline for Summer 2024 Applications

1st February 2024


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