Key Stage 4 Options

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Updated 1st February 2024 

Option Booklet

The KS4 option booklet is now available to download:


Key Stage 4 is an exciting time for pupils, as it is the first time that there will be an element of personal choice in what they can study. It is also the first time that courses will lead to external public examinations. 

At Bloomfield Collegiate School, we aim to ensure that each pupil follows a broad and balanced curriculum that will provide them with excellent qualifications, experiences and success that they need to progress to Sixth Form, Further Education, Employment and their future career pathway. 

Pupils will receive an extensive range of support, advice, and guidance as they make their decisions. We encourage our girls to make the most appropriate choices for them and their future in consultation with their parents/guardians and teachers. We endeavour to offer flexibility and choice to meet pupils’ needs.  

The following table details a series of events to inform and support pupils in choosing the best subjects for them. It will culminate in them making their final choices before Easter. 

19th January 2024 Pupils to submit first straw poll for 5 GCSE choices- based on interest. Not final.  
Thursday 1st February 2024 Assembly (Curran Hall) Launch Assembly: Pupils will be provided with their Key Stage 4 Option Choice Pack  
Thursday 1st February 2024 Parental Communication to include Key Stage 4 Options Booklet, pre-recorded video outlining process, FAQs document and link to an option to request further information/ detail.  
1st & 8th February 2024 New subject talks during Form Time.  
5th-9th February 2024 Careers Week in Departments. Advice given to pupils in each subject about course content and structure at GCSE and potential career pathways. Opportunity for pupils to ask questions. 
Tuesday 6th February 2024 Year 10 Parent – Teacher Consultation Meetings 1- 3.30pm.  
12th – 16th February 2024 Personal Research Week. 
22nd February 2024 Talks delivered to Year 10 by Yr11/12 pupils – advice, lessons learnt. 
26th-28th February 2024 Individual careers interviews  (*Pupils will have uploaded pre-interview form to team in advance of their interview.) 
Thursday 29th February 2024 Final Choice Form issued. 
By Thursday 14th March 2024 Submission of Final Choice Form signed by Pupil, Parent and Tutor.  

We hope this gives you an indication of what to expect in the coming weeks. Should you have any questions in the interim please do let us know.  

Yours sincerely,  

The Key Stage 4 Options Team 

Mrs Thomson, Vice Principal
Mrs Hutchinson, Careers Lead
Mrs Stevenson, Head of Year 10


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