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Sentinus Workshop at Tor Bank School

pupils posing at Tor Bank

On Monday 17th June, 15 Year 11 girls went to Tor Bank School for the day to help the secondary school students at a science and engineering day. We acted as peer mentors to Tor Bank students.

We got a coach to Tor Bank on Monday morning. There we met Dominic who took us to meet the students. There were seven groups of students so we got to meet lots of people. We chatted to our friends at Tor Bank and got to know each one of them.

Our first task was to build transport out of K’nex. Groups made many different modes of transportation such as rockets, planes and cars. It was lots of fun working together and having good conversations throughout the task. We all made great models and got along very well.

Our second task was to make paper aeroplanes that were identical to each other’s. We were given instructions to make the perfect paper plane. We helped the Tor Bank students to make them and gave guidance throughout. We then launched them through a machine and watched them fly across the hall. Everyone loved it.

Our last task was to make rockets. Our group was given instructions and told that if we didn’t follow them our rockets wouldn’t work…mine didn’t. We all went outside and launched them high in the sky. Mine didn’t get too far. We laughed throughout and had lots of fun.

Whilst waiting on the coach we played on the zip line and said our final goodbyes to our friends at Tor Bank. It was a great day which everyone thoroughly enjoyed.

Thank you very much to Tor Bank School, Ms Kinsley-Smith and Mrs Wharry. It was an excellent experience which I will remember forever.

Jemima C Year 11


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