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“Joseph” is Amazing

actors performing on stage

Bloomfield Collegiate’s vibrant production of “Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat” was a terrific success.

Playing the incredibly challenging roles of the narrators, Eden and Rachel weaved the colourful story together with their energy and beautiful singing. Their impressive range was clearly evident throughout the production, including “Joseph’s Dreams”, “Poor, Poor Joseph”, “Potiphar” and “Stone the Crows”.

The eleven girls who played Joseph’s brothers and Potiphar’s men did a wonderful job, performing as a group but also showing their separate and distinct personalities. Abi’s portrayal of Reuben and her fantastic singing of “One More Angel in Heaven” was particularly emotional. The delivery of “Those Canaan Days” was perfectly melancholic and showed the desperation the brothers felt during the famine. Hannah was also excellent, evoking great sympathy from the audience during “Benjamin’s Calypso”. Their father, Jacob, was played by Emily and his reunion with Joseph at the end of the musical was a triumph of storytelling.

Sarah’s Elvis-esque performance of the Pharaoh’s “Song of the King” was superb and Storm’s portrayal of Potiphar’s Wife was wonderfully comedic.

Niamh played both Potiphar, who buys Joseph as a slave, and the Baker who learns some distressing news from one of Joseph’s prophesies. These were certainly very memorable supporting performances, especially “Go Go Joseph” with Jessica’s clear and sharp singing as the Butler.


Rose dazzled as the charismatic eponymous hero. The solo “Close Every Door” was haunting and had the audience enchanted. Her considerable stage presence meant everyone was singing along to “Any Dream Will Do” by the end of the night.

The production was full of colour with effective lighting, courtesy of Lauren and Kathryn, the various lavish costumes and stunning backdrop created by the Art Department.

The varied pace and musical styles were directed by Mrs Marks and performed by Hannah and Katie (percussion), Ellie and Georgia (trumpet), Thea and Amelia (flute), Robyn (saxophone), and Clara (horn). Well done!

This is a production of many colours and challenges, but they were all directed magnificently by Mrs Luke and Mr Mulholland.

Dr Barr said: “The School’s production of ‘Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat” was, in every respect, wonderful. To get that level of performance from young people is amazing. I would like to thank all staff who helped to create these very special memories.”

school production of Joseph


I have absolutely loved playing the part of Joseph. It has been one of the best experiences of my entire life and I have really thrived since then. Fortunately, I was given some good opportunities in my primary school and I always knew I wanted to be a part of a bigger play. When I joined Bloomfield Collegiate, my dreams came true.

When I heard about the musical, I went straight in for it. I was not expecting to get the part of Joseph, but it happened, and I was extremely excited about it all. I did not think it was going to be such hard work, but for me, it was more fun than pressurising. It was so thrilling being on stage.

When it came to the performance night I got really nervous. It seemed like I hadn’t practised enough but I knew on the inside that I would be OK. The musical brought me so much happiness and I met so many new friends on my journey. I even became friends with some of the Year 13 and 14 girls, and I learned so much from my experience. Bloomfield has brought so many new opportunities that I have loved every second so far.

Rose H (Year 9)

A Word from the Band

At the end of 2018, we both had the amazing experience of being a part of the band for Joseph along with other senior pupils in school. This enabled us to learn so many new, fun pieces through the many rehearsals we had most Saturdays, and most weekdays on the lead up to the show too. These vigorous rehearsals also led us to make strong relationships with the other girls in the band and form a bond with the girls in the Junior School. We loved this opportunity as it was our first time being part of a musical and has inspired us both to do more performances in school.

Clara R & Robyn T (Year 13)

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