Bloomfield Collegiate School has always displayed great success at show jumping competitions around Northern Ireland.

Last year, our Show Jumping Team, captained by Kathryn McKibbin (Year 14), attended The Meadows, Gransha and Balmoral competitions. These prestigious events required a strict turn out of both pony and rider. Competing in different height classes, from 90cm to 1m, our girls did the school proud!

Emily Hawe, (year 13), Hannah Morrow (year 11) and Rose Gregg (year 13) competed as a team at Balmoral 1m and achieved a triumphant 3rd place! Emily Hawe and Hannah Morrow went on to compete as individuals in the 1m, and were placed 6th and 5th respectively!

Well done to all of our girls, and to many more successes next year!

Mrs J Crawford McMorran

Equestrian Club

Captain 2017: Emily Hawe

Equestrian Club

Captain 2016: Kathryn McKibbin

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