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Year 10 Bloomfield Pupils Use Creative Skills at ‘Aspire’ Careers Workshop

Year 10 pupils heard from local people involved in the Creative Arts sector, past pupils using languages and entrepreneurs who have set up their own business. The event, which was called ‘Aspire’, was inspired by a module the girls completed on Employability in French class last term and was part of the Year 10 Careers Awareness Week at Bloomfield.

As part of the event pupils took part in a carousel activity, where they got practical tips from speakers on developing their skills.

Dr Darrin Barr, Principal of Bloomfield Collegiate said: “The Aspire event was a great success. We are encouraging Year 10 pupils to think more broadly about their future career opportunities. We are keen for them to develop both industry-specific and transferable skills which would be suitable in any career path. I am delighted that the speakers gave up their time to come today and allow the pupils to gain valuable insight into a range of creative industries and to be aspirational.”

Mimi Turtle, Chief Executive of the Strand Arts Centre, spoke to the girls about her own education and experience and about her role setting up the Strand Arts Centre. “Today’s workshops were an opportunity for the thirteen and fourteen year old pupils to learn more about organisations and businesses in East Belfast. We were delighted to take part in the event and hope that it has given them insight into the Arts sector in the local community. I hope that girls found the event worthwhile and that it will encourage them to think ‘creatively’ about developing skills for their own futures.”

One of the workshop coordinators was Fiona Bell, Client Director of Thrive (formerly Audience NI), which helps cultural organisations know and grow their audiences.

Fiona Bell, who is a former past pupil of Bloomfield said: ‘It was a great opportunity for me to be invited back to Bloomfield and to have the chance to speak to pupils about what skills and qualities they might need for their future careers. I was impressed with how well the girls engaged in the workshops.”
Other participants included past pupil Lauren Allison, Founder and Executive Director at Sulby Media who uses languages in her role, local blogger Kelly Hargie of ‘Every Treasures’, Caitlin McGinnis of ‘Best Buds’, Susan Rafferty, architect at Povall Worthington and John Rubery, who used to work for the European Commission in Brussels. Kelly Hargie was recently a finalist in the ‘Parenting’ category at the UK Blog Awards.

As part of Careers Awareness Week Year 10 pupils took part in mock careers interviews on Tuesday and on Monday heard from a former journalist Eleanor McGillie who set up her own PR company, MCM PR.

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