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Options Booklet

The KS5 option booklet is now available to download:

Letter to Parents

21st March 2024

Dear Parent/ Carer,

I am writing to tell you that our Year 12 pupils attended a Careers Event today and received their A Level Options Booklet this morning.

At Bloomfield Collegiate School, our Sixth Formers play a central part in school life as senior members of the school community and as role models for younger pupils. Sixth Form also represents the culmination of their school career and preparation for university and working life. These two years are likely to be the most challenging and exciting that pupils will experience in school.

All Year 12 pupils had an individual interview with Paul McLennan from NI Careers Service between October 2023 and February 2024. Over the coming days and weeks, teaching staff are happy to offer in-depth advice about their suitability to follow courses. Pupils must, however, look further ahead and find out if choices at 16 match future life aspirations.

The onus for this research rests with pupils, but there are particularly good sources of advice available, such as the Careers Department led by Mrs Hutchinson and Mr Mulholland, Subject Talks, the Sixth Form Pastoral Team, the year groups above, and parents/carers and friends.

To cater for the needs of all our Sixth Form students, we collaborate with other local schools to offer a wider range of courses in line with Department of Education recommendations and as detailed in the booklet. We also offer our 6th Form Pupils Work Experience and Volunteering opportunities to support them going forward.

In the coming weeks, we would ask that your child consider three A Level choices alongside a fourth reserve choice. Due to the nature of the timetable and demand for subjects, not all initial option choices may be feasible, but we will try our best to find the best fit for all of our pupils.

Please note that we strongly recommend that pupils study three A levels only. Should you wish your child to study a fourth A level, please see our published Admissions Criteria and consider carefully your reasons for doing so.


Our Option Choices timeline for Sixth Form is as follows:

21st March 2024Communication with parents/ carers regarding the Options Process, Options Booklet, Timeline and link to Form to submit queries.
 New subject talks in Form-time and in subjects.  
W/B 8th April 2024Personal research week.
By Friday 19th April 2024Submission of survey- Option Choice Survey to support building of timetable.
Early June- Date to be confirmed.Timetable blocks shared with pupils. Interviews with pupils if first preferences cannot be met to find alternatives.
Thursday 22nd August 2024GCSE Results Day.
Friday 23rd August 2024Year 13 Registration and confirmation of courses.

Again, we would also stress the importance of our Admissions Criteria for Entry into Year 13, which you should read carefully as found within the Options Booklet.

If you have any questions, please submit your query on the following form and we will aim to get back to you in the week beginning 8th April 2024.

Thank you for your continued support.

Best wishes,

The Year 12 Options Team

The Options Team

Mrs Thomson- Vice Principal (Curriculum)

Mr Mulholland- Head of Year 12

Mrs Hutchinson- Head of Careers


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