Letter From the Principal (02-04-20)

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Dear Parent/Guardian,

As we near the Easter break, I hope that you and your family circle are staying safe.

As you know we opened for a short time to accommodate the children of key workers but have closed since that demand ended. Please be reassured that we will, of course, be able to help should that demand arise again, either within our own school or as part of a local hub. Please contact the school helpline in the first instance.

We await clarity on examination results, so our previous advice remains; all pupils should continue to work as directed by their teachers. There are various forums in which teachers are providing work. A reminder on how to access these online platforms follows.

While children work from home, we are aware that their screen time will most probably be increased dramatically. Please be aware that many issues which arise in school come from the times when pupils use phones without permission to access social media. We would urge you to monitor this access as best you can.

I sent an e-mail direct to all girls yesterday. I would encourage you to read it and help reinforce the advice it contains.

Finally, I will be instructing those staff who are not needed to attend school to take a well-deserved break from Friday afternoon. These last few weeks have been a learning curve for both pupils and teachers, and I thank all my staff for their enthusiasm in embracing new technologies to ensure that learning continues.

God bless and take care over the coming weeks.

Yours faithfully,

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Mr Greer



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