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Open Night in Bloomfield Collegiate School

Welcome to Bloomfield Collegiate School

Our pupils and staff were delighted to welcome prospective pupils and their parents to our Open Evening on Wednesday, 11th January 2023. Thank you to everyone who attended. The following montage is a collection of images from the event.

Year 8 Speeches

Hello, my name is Olivia and I am in 8S. I know that changing schools is a big step but no matter which school you choose I am sure you will settle in quickly.

From my first day here at Bloomfield it has always been a kind and welcoming school.

A year ago, I was in your shoes and to be honest I was a bit nervous to transfer school. I was worried about not making friends and keeping up with all the new subjects, but I can honestly say there is nothing to worry about.

The teachers here are great at helping you to settle in. In all classes we did some getting to know you games and activities to help us make connections with the others in our class and to get to know the teacher too.

At Bloomfield there are a large number of clubs to get involved with. I have joined the Athletics and Cross Country club. I have always loved running so I was really excited to continue that at Bloomfield.

In the summer term we will be going to the Mary Peters track for our sports day and there will be lots of different events to enter and gain house points. I’m really looking forward to competing.

I have enjoyed learning all the new subjects. Like in primary school, we have Maths and English but we also have Art, Sciences, Geography, History and many more! My favourite subject is Art. We have already had the opportunity to work with different mediums and learn new techniques. Make sure to visit the Art department, it is amazing!

My first year in Bloomfield has been great and I definitely recommend coming here! Thank you

Hello, my name is Amelia and I am in 8R.

Some of you might remember coming to Bloomfield for your AQE! I haven’t been in Bloomfield for long, but I have been here long enough to know that Bloomfield is not only a school but a family. 

My form teacher is Mrs Lester and our two sixth form mentors are Miriam and Maja. On the first few days they took us on a tour around the school and made sure that we knew where all our classes are. But I knew that if I got lost there are always lots of friendly faces to help!

Every day I come into school looking forward to learning more about my new subjects. All of the new teachers have been really supportive and I know that they are there if I need help with anything.

I have always loved signing and was so excited to join the Junior Choir. We had our Carol Service just before Christmas and I did a reading at it. We also sang with the Chamber Choir and Staff Choir, it was amazing!

It is a very tricky time choosing schools but don’t worry.  Whatever school you go to you will love it!  Make sure to join lots of clubs as that’s the best way to make new friends.  I came from Strandtown Primary but now some of my best friends are from Holywood Primary and Gilnahirk Primary. I hope you enjoy our open evening.

Thank you

Hello, my name is Sophia and I am in 8S.

I went to Strandtown Primary, which I loved.  I liked the idea of transferring to a school in Ballyhackamore which is very central. I live in Dundonald, the Glider has made it so much easier to get to and from school.  I go to a couple of after school clubs and can still get the bus home even after school hours.  I joined the hockey team as soon as I had the opportunity to.  I wasn’t all that interested in hockey before that, but the coaches here are very encouraging.  There are many clubs at Bloomfield and everyone is welcome no matter what your ability is.

I was very nervous about having different teachers at first as in primary school we only had one teacher.  I shouldn’t have worried because every single teacher here is supportive and patient, and they explain the topics we are learning very clearly.  There is no such thing as a ‘silly question’, teachers take the time to make sure everyone understands.  We study a whole list of subjects including a few that we didn’t study in primary school.  Home Economics is really fun, so far we have baked and cooked dishes such as flakemeal biscuits, stir fry, snowballs and so much more.  Science is completely different to primary school, here we do experiments in a lab and it’s so fascinating.

One of my favourite things about Bloomfield is the House system.  I am in Spencer like my mum was but there is also Walker, Clarke and Curran, we all compete in sports, music and drama.

I am positive I’ve made the right choice with Bloomfield Collegiate because its not too big a school just the perfect size for every pupil to be seen and heard and to be given the right support they need.

It’s hard to believe that I was sitting where you are now, seven years ago, listening to a speech just like this, from a head girl just like me. Looking around the school when I was 10 was a lot different to how I view it now. Then it seemed big compared to the small St. Joseph’s that I was used to. Big school. My name is Martha McKinney and I am so happy to be able to share with you the journey that myself and the rest of my year have gone through in the seven years since.

You and your parents are probably a bit nervous about the whole transferring process. We were too. But I was fortunate to gain a place at this school, and I say that for a number of reasons; one is, the focus on academic excellence. Another is the school family. We here at Bloomfield, are not just a school but a community that supports each other. Also, the opportunities that exist outside of the classroom are equally as important as the ones in the classroom.

When you walk into the school and walk the corridors, you will see a thriving, bustling school with pupils working with each other and the teachers, not just for good but for excellent outcomes.

I’ll give you an example. I was never confident in maths. At the beginning of 4th year I was so surprised to find myself in a maths class which I did not expect to be in, I even got my mum to phone  school to get me out of it. But my maths teacher, Mrs Barrett said no, I should stay and see how it goes. So I did, and through hard work, dedication and encouragement, I managed to succeed in a subject which I thought I could not understand. And this is replicated across all of my teachers and all of my subjects. This epitomises Bloomfield’s ability to nurture pupils’ potential, even when they don’t see it.

One thing if you come here you will notice about Bloomfield, is it’s ability for pupils to build relationships not just within their year group, but across the whole school. Where do I start? I’ve seen the dance team form close bonds with each other spanning the whole seven year groups. The Choir, who have rehearsals together every week, from the whole of senior school. I miss training in the netball team with the year above who just left. And it doesn’t stop there.

Coming to a new big school isn’t simple or easy. Everybody has their own journey and Bloomfield knows that, which is why it has developed the mentoring program where the year 14 pupils are there to support you, the year 8’s. So if you’re worried about anything, there is a listening ear.

School isn’t all academic. If you come here, you’ll find that some of your favourite memories will come from what happens outside the classroom. If you’re into sports you can join dance, football, netball, hockey, badminton, cross- country, athletics and tennis teams. If you’re a musician there are opportunities to join junior choir, guitar club, orchestra, wind band, and attend private music lessons.

You are standing on the edge of a journey and if you come to this school, there is a place for you to find yourself, whether it be in the art room, the science labs, the sports hall you will find the space in this school to achieve the best you can be. You will also achieve friendships. Just look around this room. You don’t know it yet, but some of your lifelong friends are here.

Seven years ago, I remember listening to the then head girl who when I think about it, was actually thinking about her next stage in education and reflecting on the vital role this school played in her journey. I can tell you, this school has played the same vital role for me, and my older sisters, and it will for you.

Martha McKinney
Head Girl


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We want our pupils to enjoy learning, have fun, and know they are valued as individuals with their own strengths and potential. Come and find out more at our Open Evening.

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