The Lyrical Trio

My make-up needed done. My hair needed to braided. And my nerves needed calming.

I was performing a lyrical trio with Morgan and Mia. We had a couple of quick practice runs in the cramped changing room and then it was time to dance at the NICMAC competition.

We walked into the hall and watched the other dances that we scheduled before our routine. There were some fantastic performances and then our names were called.

The cheers were amazing and filled us with confidence and determination.

Our routine was full of energetic and flowing movements. The most dangerous (and most crowd-pleasing) is the aerial cartwheel we perform at the end of piece. It takes an incredibly fast run to kick yourself into the air with enough momentum to cartwheel upside down and land the move safely in time with the music.

Our grand jetés are much more elegant and gentler leaps with one leg stretched forward and the other facing in the other direction. If you thought the splits were difficult, try doing it in mid-air.

The routine was a great mixture of hard kicks and soft dancing to Tom Walker’s “I Will Leave the Light On”. The judges certainly though so and awarded us first place!

We were so tired at the end, but we couldn’t go home just yet!

Everyone sat in a big circle, squeezing hands and waiting anxiously for the results. I had butterflies dancing in my body. We had created the routine ourselves and worked so hard to make it perfect.

When they announced that we were the winners, we were so proud and happy. The smiles stayed on our faces long after the make-up had been wiped clean.

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