Trip to Tayto Factory

After a long bus journey, we finally arrived at the Tayto Factory. We were welcomed by the tour guide Lenor, who took us to explain a little about what would happen during our visit. Mr Pat Tayto then entered the room and we got our picture taken with him. Shortly after Mr Pat Tayto left, we put on our aprons, hair nets and were separated into two groups. The guides told us all about the history of Tayto and how the packaging had changed over the years. It was now time for our tour, we all lined up in pairs to go into the factory part of the building. We were taken into to potato store, they needed to be kept in very cold, dark conditions so they didn’t rot. Next we went to see where the potatoes were washed and shot upstairs to be cut. Upstairs we watched how the potatoes were cut into very thin slices and cooked. We tasted the warm crisps with no flavour and watched the Cheese and Onion flavour being packed into boxes. There were many flavours we were able to try. We also saw how the hand cooked crisps were made. Shortly after we all had to answer one question correctly to get our free Tayto six pack. I really enjoyed my trip to Tayto Castle!

Anna McKinney 9Q

Tatyo Factory

9Q trip to Tayto Factory