We would like to extend our good wishes to all P7 children who are waiting to receive their CEA (AQE) results on Saturday 5 February 2011.


If you are interested in applying for entry to Bloomfield Collegiate School in September 2011 it may be helpful to consider the profile of the September 2010 intake.  The following is provided as a guide only.  The profile of the September 2011 intake may vary according to the applications received.


Transfer 2010


* 207 applications received for 100 places

* Scores ranged from 122 to 69

* Candidates with 96 and over were accepted under Criterion 2.1 (89 pupils)

* Candidates with scores between 95 and 92 were placed in a pool as per Criterion 2.2 (27 pupils)

* Criterion 2.4 was applied to this pool (11 pupils admitted)