New Learning Centre

The latest addition to the school campus facilities is now complete. We hope very much to have the new facilities in operation early in the Christmas term and look forward excitedly to a new era in learning at Bloomfield.

The ground floor provides a state-of-the-art technology and design suite which meets the latest requirements for teaching this subject and which will replace our current technology rooms in the 1994 block. Upstairs we have a 70 computer Learning Centre which may be accessed by classes, small groups of pupils engaged in research or project work and by senior pupils working individually during their study periods. We believe that this part of the development will meet our aim of enhancing e-learning through providing better and easier access to computers throughout the school.

Additionally, the first floor also provides two large classrooms but these are particularly noteworthy due to their forward-thinking design. Both rooms feature a mezzanine floor to provide computer access, supervised sixth form work areas and subject libraries.

As we look forward to using our new facilities, I should like to thank the Department of Education for part-funding the project and to express our gratitude to all parents whose voluntary contributions have made this exceptional facility a reality. Many generations of Bloomfield girls will benefit from your generosity and the Governors foresight.