School Improvement

Bloomfield Collegiate School is committed to continuous school improvement. The school aim of ‘Excellence in a Caring Community’ is underpinned by the school values of honesty, compassion, tolerance, courtesy, determination and respect for the school environment. The school aims to be a community which promotes high quality learning and the pursuit of excellence in a friendly, challenging and supportive environment.

School improvement within Bloomfield is happening in a strategic and purposeful manner. In 2011 a three year school development plan was agreed by the Board of Governors with the areas for development identified as Teaching and Learning; Leadership; Resources; and the Community.

A new School Development Plan for 2014-2017 has been created continuing our commitment to improving the outcomes for all learners through an extensive programme of self-evaluation, school improvement and review. The following areas for development are identified in the Plan: Leading Learning; Learning and Teaching; Learning in a Community; and Child Centred Learning. Each area is accompanied by planned actions, targets and success criteria. Progress towards achieving the targets set out in the plan is subject to rigorous monitoring and evaluation. A copy of the full School Development Plan may be downloaded from the website.

One part of the process will see the Quality, Continuous Improvement Team (previously School Improvement Team) focus on a number of initiatives in the months ahead. These include attending cluster group meetings for vice principals and middle managers in the Belfast Education and Library Board area, visits to other schools to observe good practice and participation in the OLEVI programme. We are also working with GL assessment in areas such as Pupils Attitudes to Self and School (PASS) as well as Kirkland Rowell surveys of pupils, parents and staff.

Establishing the vision of the school in this way has enabled parents, pupils and staff to contribute to the strategic direction of the school. We welcome comments from those involved in the life of the school as we seek to be a vibrant, self-improving, well governed and effectively led community of good practice, focused on meeting the needs and aspirations of our pupils to ensure that each one fulfils her full potential at each stage of her development.