Bloomfield Collegiate aims to facilitate pupils to develop the skills and confidence to make the most of their life choices and follow the career path that suits them best.

This will be delivered through the 6 strands of Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance; which are:

1. Careers education
2. Career Planning
3. Employability Skills
4. Work Related Learning
5. Careers Information
6. Careers advice and guidance
Our aim is that all pupils will:

• Develop the appropriate skills to become effective career decision-makers.

• Have a clear understanding of the impact of their education, training and employment choices. Making career choices that are informed, thoroughly researched, based on self-awareness, and show an understanding of the relevance of their education, skills and experience and an awareness of the opportunities and pathways available to them.

• Be lifelong learners and be motivated to pursue continuous professional development to achieve their own potential, to become effective employees who will make a valuable contribution to the local economy.

• Have developed information-handling skills and be aware of career opportunities locally, nationally and internationally.

• Have developed the skills to plan their career, and manage planned and unplanned career change.

• Have access to good quality careers education provision, up-to-date labour market information, and impartial careers information, advice and guidance, to assist them to make well informed career choices and to achieve their potential.

• Have access to modern, inspiring, fit for purpose facilities to provide access to relevant information, up-to-date careers assessment tools and professional, impartial guidance and support as required.

• Have the use of technology to support access to relevant online information, advice and guidance.

Departmental Aims

Aim 1: Self-Awareness and Development- identifying, assessing and developing the skills and qualities necessary to choose and implement an appropriate career plan.
Aim 2: Career Exploration – acquiring and evaluating information, and reviewing experiences to identify and investigate appropriate career pathways and learning opportunities in education, training and employment, locally, nationally and internationally.
Aim 3: Career Management – developing skills in career planning, and employing effective career decision-making strategies to manage transition and make suitable career development choices, with the appropriate support, advice and guidance.

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